“My passion in life is transforming people’s health through chiropractic care!”

Dr. Timothy Nicholl, DC
Founder of Maximize Chiropractic

As a Maximized Living doctor I am part of a health care delivery system based on the 5 Essentials of true health. Our mission is the same; change the way people view and manage their health. People are lied to everyday, told it is “normal” to be on toxic medications, children are told by their parents that they are not “normal” and that they must take this pill or that pill to be so. Never once looking at the cause of the symptom, just being told to mask such things with pills. This stops with me! Your body is designed to heal its self, without the use of pills or medications. True health and healing comes from within, it travels from above, down and inside out; never once coming from the outside in. Come learn the true principles of health!

Are You Taking the Right Supplements?

Are you taking the right supplements? Dr. Tim takes fish oil, vitamin D3, cellular detox and liver enzyme pills daily to boost the immune system and cleanse the body!! Get yours at Maximize Chiropractic! Set up a free nutritional consultation today.

Tip of the Day!!

Studies find most children with ADD and ADHD respond positively to decreased sugar consumption, and increased essential fatty acid supplementation (especially EPA and DHA) suggesting these conditions may be associated with nutrient deficiencies. Consider decreasing sugar intake and increasing fish or flax oils in children with ADD or ADHD.

We Love Coconut Oil!

Use Coconut oil for cooking, it has a high smoke threshold and has high amounts of saturated fat which your body needs for natural detoxification!